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What is StartUp Cuba?

StartUp Cuba, an initiative of Roots of Hope, seeks to foster an ever-more dynamic culture of entrepreneurship in Cuba by empowering a new generation of socially minded entrepreneurs. We provide emerging entrepreneurs from Cuba with experiential learning and mentoring opportunities.

Where will my contribution end up?

Your contribution to StartUp Cuba will be processed by Roots of Hope, a U.S. based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and dedicated exclusively to the program. Roots of Hope will use these funds cover the cost of running the entrepreneurship labs. Roots of Hope will not use your contribution for operational expenses of any sort.

Is my donation to StartUp Cuba tax deductible? 

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. It will be made through Roots of Hope, Inc a registered 501(c)(3) in the State of Florida.

Is my contribution to StartUp Cuba in violation of current U.S. regulations on sending money to Cuba?

Your contribution to StartUp Cuba does not violate any current U.S. or Cuban law.

Who administers the entrepreneurship labs outside of the island? How will the participants be selected?

Participants for our entrepreneurship labs are experienced entrepreneurs from various parts of the island who are recommended by on-island selection partners and have proved the viability of an existing business. Universities throughout the Americas will be responsible for the educational part of the fellowship and StartUp Cuba will be responsible for pairing each fellow to a respective mentor in their business field.

What else can people do besides raise or donate funds?

StartUp Cuba is measuring its success based on the number of people we reach who are inspired enough by our message that they want to get involved. We strongly encourage you to become an ambassador in your city. In a special way, entrepreneurs in Cuba need significant support and we are here to help you connect with them. Would you like to contribute with an in-kind donation? Serve as a mentor? Share your talents? Join our team? Contact us at and we will make sure you are part of the movement.